In a nutshell

Dreams and visions are, of course, completely different. It is much like what it means to think, but not to act- to be lost in the potential of an idea rather than to reap its fruits. However, let’s not be too rash! If reality and imagination are combined– if the sumptuous lucidity of dreamscapes are fused with the focus of vision, a star is born! (Albeit a little irregularly shaped!).


That slightly twisted result is what our company Envisage, seeks to reproduce for every, single client. For every bonkers brand, impossible idea or wild whim, we take what it means to be you and fashion something unique. Sure, it sounds a little dramatic and far fetched- but don’t worry, behind every star we sculpt for you (our symbol for a job well done!) is a talented team of experts in design, branding and copywriting.


I am Ryan Lev-Ari: trained, shaped, basking (you name it!) in Graphic and Interior Design. At some point, I flitted towards the sun in California to open my own independent design studio, specialising in creating a visual voice for premium brands. In 2005, I packed my agency (plus a couple of awards and some clothes!) and moved to Tel Aviv.


My approach, wherever I practice, has always been simple. I relish in contrasts! Chiaroscuro; natural and industrial; art and commerce. But are the last pair truly a contrast? My vision has always been to develop a strand of art or a style of commerce that oozes an intimate and harmonious balance between the two. For art is fluid. That is, I believe, most effective when applied to realms outside itself. Art can be moulded for practicality, shaping (as I hope to do!) the way you see branding.


It is imperative for my team and I, that we ensure the very root of your brand is felt by each consumer. That your story may be told, that your personality may be understood- and most importantly- that in the end you see what you had Envisaged.